Graceland is a firm believer in freedom, openness and honesty. For this reason we don’t indulge in rigid dogmas or pompous visions, we believe action speaks louder than words. Our ambition is as easy to define as it is difficult to realise: To make good films! Films that are beautiful and sensual, challenging and provoking. Commercial, political, angry, bizarre, mature and genuine. The one does not necessarily exclude the other. Genre is irrelevant – originality is everything. As long as the stories we choose to tell are important to us – and the audience – and we are true to the filmmaker’s vision and the potential of the project. Our goal is not necessarily to reach everybody all the time, but to make films that is valuable to those we do reach; whether we are making a stark documentary or light comedy.

Our aim is to establish Graceland as a serious player in the Scandinavian and European film- and TV-industry. In this regard we are currently establishing liaisons with a number of production companies and potential co-producers, domestically as well as abroad.

However, our concern is not to become a huge corporation with every human and technical resource in-house at all times. Instead we are catering to a stable and ever growing network of highly skilled freelancers that work with us on a long term basis, thus keeping the organization small and flexible - and at the same time providing continuity and professional growth.