THE ROCKA - feature film

Rockomedy about Bastian Borg, a 44 year old newly divorced father of two, who quits his job to follow his dream; to become a rock'n'roll star.

In post production. Premieres in 2012.

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NEXANS - promo

Promotion film for Nexans and their new fibre optic communication cable ROC-1 connecting Surinam, Guyana and Trinidad & Tobago. Norwegian hi-tech.

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A new film for Nexans Norway is in production.


SHHH! - animation

10 minute 2D-3D animation film based on cartoon artist Jason's graphic novel. In production.

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Flight - documentary

Ski jumping World Championship, Vikersund 2000: The 23 years old test jumper Tom Aage Aarnes lands at 204 meters, and becomes the first man over the magic 200 meters line on Norwegian soil. The talented young skijumper is expected to be having a bright career ahead of him. The coaches presume that he during the following year will place himself firmly amongst the top ten in the world cup.

But then he takes a drug test which proves positive, and becomes banned from all competition and organized training for two years. His whole existence falls apart when he looses the opportunity to do the one thing he loves the most. Soon he starts to use heroin, and barely a year after he participated in his last ski jumping competition, his day to day life is tormented by a restless search for drugs on the streets of Oslo.

This film follows Tom Aage Aarnes struggle to return and once again triumph in the ski jumping sport. He has quit the drugs and now his ambitions are sky-high. He will be the best.

Director: Brage Kvasbø
Produced by Graceland Film Company / Lillehammer University College
Premiered on TV2, 20. April 2009



Pigs - drama

“Pigs” is a short thriller about a pork-farmer somewhere in the Norwegian fjords that knows more about a disappearance case than he will tell. A couple of tourists have gone missing, and neither the local police nor the female TV-reporter comes to grips with it. At least not until it’s too late.

The film is a thriller with a good portion of black humour. As they say in the Norwegian west: All’s well that ends, at all. And so it goes in Sogn and Fjordane night.

The project is one out of four winners in the thriller competition of “Filmfondet FUZZ” and will be aired on TV2 in 2008.

Director: Geir Henning Hopland
Script: Jørn Kurt Bergo


Sleeping beaty - commercial

An amateur stage production of the famous fairytail does not go as planned.....

Commercial for Norwegian Dental Hygienists, commisioned by Ludens Advertising agency.

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Firmafest - music video

Norwegian rap duo Temmelig Hemmelig depicts a party that gets out of hand. Video made in collaboration with Unit One Production.

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The Archive - comedy/drama series

If you want to preserve a feeling of relative safety and harmony in life you better avoid thinking too much about certain matters. Like what sausages consist of, how laws are made. And what really goes on in hosptals...

The Archive follows the daily chores of six individuals who work in the deep catacombs of a hospital, more specifically in the hospital archive where the case records are kept.

Archive Director Dagny loves her colleagues with all her heart. But is love and care enough when the hospital administration sends their most insensitive computer engineer to take on the (long overdue) task of digitizing every file from A to Z?

How can they preserve status quo when facing the evil nerd from hell? Dagny claims they have nothing to fear but fear itself. After all engineers have their own jobs, she reasons, they have no interest in taking their's. Her strategy: don't rock the boat and everything will eventually return to normal...

10 episodes.
Made for TV3, 2006.

Co-financed by The Norwegian Film Fund.


The Well - children's short

Rasmus (8) moves to the country side with his mother, leaving his friends, the football team and basically his whole life behind. But the new place isn’t just dull. In fact Rasmus makes a rather extraordinary discovery; not far from their new house is a wishing well – that actually works! But the big question is how it works? And will the well give Rasmus what he really wants?

Duration: 14 mins

Shot on Super 16 mm

Distribution: ORO FILM AS



Offside - drama/black comedy

Stein and Ingroy has been partying non-stop since 1983 and it’s starting to show. In their endless search for pills and thrills they break into Ms. Johansen’s apartment, an old widow who is running a private “pharmacy” from her home. Stein insists that Ingroy should eliminate the old drug baroness in order to take over her blooming business, a task that proves a lot more complicated than expected…

Cast: Trond Fausa Aurvaag, Stig Henrik Hoff, Joachim Calmeyer, Mona Hofland, Stein Groenli, Bjorn Moan, Kristoffer Fransson

Duration: 29 mins

Shot on DV-CAM

Screening format: 35 mm

Premiere: Tuesday 14. October 2003, 22.30 on NRK1

Offside was selected for the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival 2005. Winner of The Audience Award at Tübingen Short Film Festival 2005.


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Hi-fi delirium - documentary

Hobby. Addiction. Madness. The world's first film about hi-fi!
“Tweaks & Geeks” takes the audience on a journey into this wondrous world of audiophilia. We get acquainted with a group of hard core sound junkies and follow them in their individual quests for The Ultimate Sound Experience. For some it involves just building a new amplifier, for others it involves bizarre and mad projects. Or what do you call a man who is tearing down his house just in order to build a new one from scratch – to achieve better acoustics…?

The first film made by Robert Naess’ and Hans Bastian Borg’s as a team. Produced by Merkur Filmproduksjon AS.

Duration: 58 mins

Shot on: DV-CAM

Premiere: 8. November 2003, ”Fakta på lørdag” on NRK1

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The Last Communists - documentary

The Last Communists (aka Comrades) is a film about The Norwegian Communist Party in Oslo. The film portrays the last standing true believers and raises questions like:
What makes them tick? Why do they still fight for the utopian (some would say dystopian) ideas of Mao and Lenin? In short; how is it at all possible to be a Norwegian communist today?

A film about hopes, dreams and defiance

Duration: 25 mins

Shot on: DV-CAM

The film was made for TV2 and was co-financed by Stiftelsen Fritt Ord, a society that supports free speech and minority voices.


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